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meme fun

Stolen from phantomgirl110. Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/comic books/literary works/television series and put their summaries from Better Than It Sounds and have your friends guess.

1) A Vietnam vet gets upset when his family's picnic is ruined. The Punisher first guessed by marielyuy

2) Crippled Doctor can't decide if he's Batman, Sherlock Holmes, or Nietzsche; solves medical mysteries to keep the crushing ennui at bay only to find that Victory Is Boring. House first guessed by monjinator

3) Uptight but independent teacher falls for mopey rich man.

4) The universe is really, really weird. The Twilight Zone first guessed by cherie_morte

5) A comedy about a poor boy living in the Georgia mountains with his drug-dealing aunt, abusive alcoholic in-and-out-of-prison father and incoherent, dying racist grandmother.

6) A pizza delivery boy goes on a one-way trip to the future, where he meets and befriends a physically deformed orphan and an alcohol-fueled criminal. They all quit their jobs to work for the delivery boy's senile nephew. Futurama first guessed by kelly1_watxm

7) Scrawny shrimp is rejected from the army, takes drugs and becomes icon of America. Captain America first guessed by kelly1_watxm

8) Bicycle courier finds himself on the run from extremely ticked-off urbanites. He meets up with a woman keen on hacking people to death with a machete, a slightly mad taxi driver, and his quiet daughter, who take him on a road trip through the countryside. The four encounter a small group of soldiers living in a country mansion who intend to restart the human race. One of them wears a pink apron. 28 Days Later first guessed by marielyuy

9) The main character is charming, personable, and homicidal. He works for the cops by day and is a killer by night... Dexter first guessed by monjinator

10) Guy spends twenty years cooking elaborate seafood dish, invites friends over for party. Watchmen first guessed by marielyuy and SHAMEFULLY NOT GUESSED by cherie_morte!!!

11) Holocaust survivor turns Statue of Liberty into deadly weapon. X-Men first guessed by monjinator

12) A man injured on the job gets no worker's compensation, so he decides to shoot up the place with an immigrant friend. District 9 first guessed by marielyuy

13) A paranoid nerd and an attractive doctor (who may or may not be sleeping with each other) spend a lot of time trudging through forests and other out-of-the-way places in search of the truth whilst an elderly government employee smokes a lot. The X-Files first guessed by monjinator

14) Sleeping teenagers are stalked and killed by a man in a Christmas colored sweater. Johnny Depp gets eaten by his bed. Nightmare on Elm Street first guessed by cherie_morte

15) A mercenary finds religion.

16) A Nerd, his girlfriend, her brother and the nerd's best friend live together and spend their time bickering and fighting the Nerd's insecure college rival, who really doesn't know how to let go of a grudge. Fantastic Four first guessed by kelly1_watxm

17) Cyborg Mutie Jesus and a brain-damaged, motormouthed mercenary have morally questionable adventures that involve one of them turning into goo and the other eating him, then vomiting him back up. Hijinx ensue! Cable & Deadpool first guessed by kelly1_watxm

18) A cat and dog have disturbing adventures. Ren and Stimpy first guessed by marielyuy

19) A Chinese teen becomes a transvestite and runs away from home for unselfish reasons. Mulan first guessed by phantomgirl110

20) A walking skeleton decides to be jolly instead of scary, and nearly ruins Christmas as a result. Nightmare Before Christmas first guessed by phantomgirl110


19 - Mulan
20 - The Nightmare Before Christmas

I feel like I should know tons of these, but these are the only two coming to me at the moment.
2) House
7) Captain America
9) Dexter
11) X-Men
16) Fantastic four?
17) Cable and Deadpool!! <3
20? Nightmare before Christmas

2) House

4) The Twilight Zone

9) Dexter

13) The X-Files

14) Nightmare on Elm Street

19) Mulan, lol.

20) Nightmare Before Christmas


Also, did you read the Supernatural one? Even this website ships it:

"Two gorgeous brothers with major-league Daddy issues seek out monsters and kill them in various nasty ways, using things as diverse as salt-filled shotgun shells, barbed wire, and circular saws. Lots of sex is had along the way. A really great car and lots of eighties rock, apocalypses, and angst are also involved. The world really really sucks, but it's funny anyway.

* Alternate, less-detailed version: A sad couple drive around."
This is hilarious! (and more difficult than I thought it would be)

1) Punisher? I've only seen the movie so I can't remember him being a Vietnam vet, but he sure had his picnic interrupted. *snort*

2) House

4) HOW VAGUE IS THIS? Only thing I can think of is the Twilight Zone.

6) Futurama

8) 28 Days Later or whatever it was called. The only zombie movie I enjoy.

9) Dexter!

10) Watchmen. *snort*

11) Probably X-Men because that sounds like Magneto.

12) District 9

13) X-Files. You and your Cancer Man.

18) Ren and Stimpy!

19) Mulan?

20) Nightmare Before Christmas.

I watch too many movies.
2) House
6) Futurama
9) Dexter
13) X-Files
14) Nightmare on Elm Street
19) Mulan
20) Nightmare Before Christmas
Right, well apparently I'm late for all of these.