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Writer's Block: The final frontier

If you could only visit one Web site (other than LiveJournal) for the rest of your life, which would you choose, and why?

Amazon! They're my major book supplier, and I could not live without a steady inflow of books to read.


OMG YES, and I love that video so much. ♥ Although I was paying more attention to Gaga dancing in her skivvies than the half-nekkid men. It's probably my favorite Gaga video after Bad Romance. :D *uses appropriate icon*
Haha, why does it not surprise me that you liked the stuff on the beds? ;)
I've been debating that question since it popped up! I would say amazon or ebay, definitely. Can't live without my crap, lol.
Haha, me too. I need my "stuff that takes up too much room but I don't want to live without it." :D