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marvel - phoenix love me and despair

this is relevant to my interests

Amazon has instituted a new program called "Amazon Student," which gives you a year's worth of Amazon Prime membership for free (free two-day shipping). All you need is a .edu address and to fill out a couple of questions (your state, your major, what year you're in, etc). The .edu address doesn't have to be your account address.

Since I still get most of my books from Amazon, I am excited. :) Finally, going back to school is worth something to me besides migraines, ulcers, epic study marathons, and sleep deprivation. ;)



I wonder if my Millsaps email would work...it's an .edu address...hmmm...
I bet it will! :)
Ooo. This is amazing! Sadly, I wish I had a 'edu' account. :/ When I join my actual college, I'll hopefully get one! :D