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marvel - phoenix love me and despair

Writer's Block: Supersize me

Have you ever boycotted a company or product? If so, what was it, and what caused you to boycott it?

Oh yes. Where do I even start? XD

fast food - I'm really cutting down my consumption of fast food. It's not good for me, financially or physically.

overpriced e-books - I'm sorry; I'm not paying $18.99 for an e-book. I don't want to read it that badly. If I want to read it in the future, I'll go to the library or buy a used "dead tree book" copy once the price is reasonable. It's just a waiting game, and I can wait.

Salvation Army - Ever since I learned that they threatened to close down New York City soup kitchens if they had to extend health benefits to gay couples in their employ, I haven't given them a dime.

television - It's a waste of time and money. The only show I bother to keep up with anymore is Dexter, and since I never had Showtime in the first place, it's not a big deal to no longer have cable.